Why can't I log into my cPanel or webmail?

With our hosting accounts, you have access to a control panel that contains the admin functions of your account. Generally you would access this using the following syntax:

http://yourdomain.com/cpanel and this URL would change to http://yourdomain.com:2082

This URL causes a problems for some users, as it attempts to connect to port 2082. This is an uncommon port and may be blocked by corporate and public firewalls, thus preventing access.

If you are unable to access your cPanel using the above URL, you can now access it using the following syntax:


This syntax does not connect using an uncommon port, and will allow you access. The same rules apply for Webmail


NOTE: You must use Shine Web nameservers in order to use these "proxy" URLs. Otherwise, you will need to create A records for each subdomain so they point to our server.

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